In senior writer and editor at NEWSWEEK Jessica Bennett’s article “Picture Perfect” (, she addresses the issue of retouching photos as well as the effects it is having on our society. She strongly opposes to the extreme retouching being done for ads, magazines, and now even everyday life for many reasons, one being that it is making women feel more and more uncomfortable about their natural bodies and at even younger ages.

Although the media does not see a problem with their retouching I agree with Bennett. I believe that the photos they are retouching are making women feel as if something is wrong with their bodies because they never seem to measure up to the women in the media. It is becoming increasingly problematic because technology is making it easy enough for average people to do at home with their personal cameras. It is teaching younger generations that they need to look a certain way that is unrealistic and they are using the cameras to buy into the idea that beauty is a one size fits all category. I think that magazines should use airbrushing and retouching only to clear blemishes and not to make women look unreal. I found all of the research and information that Bennet presented to be very interesting and found that I agree with her views. I think that any women who is struggling with their appearance should read Bennett’s blog.