Women are constantly pressured by the media to be something that we’re not. The truth however, is that we will never look the way that the media tells us we should. We could change our whole face and body, but there will always be something more that we are told we need to change.

When browsing on the web, I came across this picture. My attention was immediately drawn to this photo because it looks as if the woman’s entire body is covered with strips of body pieces torn out of magazines. There are body parts from so many different pictures that I cannot even tell what is real and what was from the magazine. It shows that she was completely unhappy with her body image. I thought that this was sad because women are beautiful creatures and we come in many different looks and sizes. We concentrate so much on what we can find wrong with ourselves that often times we don’t think about the good things. If the woman behind all the magazine strips would look at herself instead of concentrating on what everyone else has she will be able to see that she does not need to make any of the changes that she feels are necessary.

If women truly want to be happy they should take a look at their own bodies and learn to love themselves in their natural state. Why put all the pressures of trying to look like the Barbie type that the media suggests we should be. We need to remember that Barbie’s aren’t real. No one looks like that and no one ever will.